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Disseminate – Collaborate – Innovate: DigitalMe & Go2B

go2b_aware_250So just what have we been doing at DigitalMe to shout about Go2B?

Time for an Introduction

We’reKevin Matt and Kevin, we’re from DigitalMe based in Leeds in the UK.Matt We’re ‘chuffed to bits’ to be working on the Go2B project and think we’ve got some really great partners to make it all happen.

It’s taking a lot of though power from us all to badge a programme (skills and learning) that doesn’t fit easily into obvious categories like, for example, badging something such as ‘digital skills’. These are obviously more clear-cut whereas badging soft skills or capabilities is much more of a challenge. But we’re getting there and the Helsinki partner meeting was a huge leap forward in understanding thanks to much of the work that Globi have done around the intercultural competence model.

Looking Forward – Promotion of Go2B

Dissemination or promotion of Go2B is obviously one of our key shared project outcomes. We see the creation of the Recognised Provider Academy and the Healthcheck tool as really important methods for Go2B to self-promote itself in the future. The Healthcheck tool especially as a ‘teaser’ for the Go2B programme. So we’ve been cracking on with that, to be unveiled very shortly (just needs the gloss paint adding!).

Promotion of Go2B so Far

We’re lucky at DigitalMe, because ourselves and our sister organisation, Makewaves have been working with schools for a number of years. This means we can tell thousands of schools about Go2B through our monthly newsletters. We’ve only used this so far to call for UK partners but now we’re getting a much clearer picture of what Go2B looks like, we’ll soon be in a better position to really promote the project using our newsletters and social media accounts!

In the meantime, we’ve been: [Pictures to follow]

  • Working with Walkden High School (Salford) who have been helping us with feedback on a number of elements of the Go2B project.
  • Highlighting the Go2B project to a number of Secondary Schools we work with e.g Crossley Heath, Halifax.
  • Speaking to a number of non UK Secondary Schools e.g Jakob-Brucker-Gymnasium, Kaufbeuren and organisations e,g Playing for Success (Netherlands)
  • Speaking to UK based organisations with links to multiple schools e.g Leeds Rhinos/Leeds City Council
  • Discussing the project with a number of other similar Erasmus +/ SALTO Youth Projects
  • Communicating and consulting on the project with an online group of young people (Digital Expression)

Tracking of Go2B Awareness – Going Forward

We had a cunning plan to not only help Hans and JvB track Go2B Awareness but also to introduce people to the concept of badges. What we’re going to do is create a Go2B Aware badge that can be issued via email where we have spoken to a person in a given organisation. Clever huh? There’s loads of ways you can use badges and tracking engagement is one of them.

Go2B Partner Meeting – The Big Helsinki Thinkfest

GO2B_secondmeeting_22MarchThe Big Helsinki Thinkfest

The 20th to the 22nd March saw all of the Go2B Partners getting together to push on forward with the development of the programme. We were ably hosted by Ilpo Halonen for the meeting and enjoyed the great facilities of Tikkurila Upper Secondary in Tikkurila (about 20 minutes out of Helsinki city centre).

So, what did we discuss?

The Model of Intercultural Competence

Globi took the opportunity to talk through with the Partners the development and underpinning theory behind the model of intercultural competence that they have developed through testing. This model was re-visited throughout the meeting as it underpins the entire Go2B programme and badges.

Go2B Student AcademyThe Go2B Student Badge Academy

The DigitalMe partners demonstrated the development of the Go2B student badge academy so far and detailed how it aligns to the intercultural competency model developed by Globi through their research with teachers and students. It’s still a work in progress but you can find the student badge academy here.

All partner also tested taking a badge for themselves!

go2b_healthchecker_250The Toolkit & Healthcheck Tool

A significant portion of the meeting was given over to running through the Teacher toolkit creating the statements that demonstrate what a good exchange is in terms of student outcomes. In addition to this what resources are required to support that delivery and where/how those resources should be held. This was led by Hans and Nicole of JvB. You can trace this work through to Go2Find (our resource holder) and the initial version of the Go2B Planner badge for teachers.

Discussions were also held on how to enable Teachers to ‘health check’ their exchange (based on the student outcomes) and how to enable them to be pointed to the training and resources required to address any gaps (to Go2B optimise their exchange). DigitalMe were tasked with creating an online tool that will enable this to happen.

TrainingeventThe Utrecht Event in September – Recognised Provider Status

The initial plan and content for the 5 day training in Utrecht for Teachers in September was discussed at length. The Utrecht training event will see the pilot of a badged Go2B Recognised Provider status.

Lots of other things were discussed and there are more progress updates to follow!

Thanks for reading.

The Go2B Team


Teacher & Manager Training for Go2B is go,go,go!


Running an intercultural exchange or thinking of starting one?

Then you need our go2b recognised provider training.


Optimise your Intercultural Exchange with go2b

We’ve got the training and we really want to use it to help you optimise your exchange to enable your students to get the most out of their experience. We can support you to effectively use intercultural badges to recognise your students learning and skills development – helping you to unlock their future opportunities.


Join the go2b training event from the 26th – 30th of September in Utrecht, the Netherlands! After this event your school will be ready and equipped to support your students to use go2b digital badges for intercultural learning!

More information

Intercultural skills – we are all convinced that these are essential for students. What are these skills exactly, how are they developed , how can we assess and recognise intercultural learning outcomes gained during exchanges and give students a platform to showcase it to the world?


The go2b consortium started collaboration in September 2015 to provide schools with a system to work with ‘ Badges for intercultural learning’. Students can show what they learn during exchanges, how they did, what materials they have used to do so and what skills they have developed. Their learning experience is made concrete! Not only practical and fun for students themselves, but also valuable for their admission for future studies or at job interviews.


During this five-day training week we provide school management and educators with practical tools to start badging their students’ intercultural learning. How to best prepare students for an exchange? What activities are needed to ensure intercultural learning? What are digital badges? How to measure intercultural skills? And how to implement this system at your school? All of these subjects are addressed extensively during the training and help you to become a recognised go2b provider!


When 26 – 30 September

Where Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Event fee €175 (covers full programme, materials, lunches and coffee breaks)


For more information and admission check: Invitation Training Event Go2b (limited seats available). Questions or interested to join the event? Send an email to info@globi.nl for your general request or a registration form.


We hope to see you in Utrecht!


Inspiration for internationalisation…

IMG_1481 - ELOS tweedaagse maart 2016

…by Globi and a bit by go2b at the ELOS conference


A conference that was all about inspiration and exchanging experiences on internationalisation for the ELOS schools (ELOS is the internationalisation programme for secondary education in the Netherlands). Globi brought hands-on tools for educators to turn student exchanges into meaningful learning opportunities. A perfect opportunity to promote the go2b project and get these future go2b providers interested!


Go2B for collaboration on internatinalisation

IMG_0309 - EP-Nuffic jaarcongres maart 2016

Go2b at the EP-Nuffic year congres


During the session led by Elvira Arkesteijn (EP-Nuffic) the floor  was given to the director of the Jan van Brabant college (Geert-Jan Nillesen) and founder of Globi (Rosanne Severs)  to spread enthusiasm for the go2b project in the Netherlands. Dutch schools can’t wait to get on board!


Go2b going global

IMG_0990 Eumind Mumbai maart 2016

Promoting the go2b project in India!


The go2b project partners are crossing European borders! This time it is Lisette from Globi who was invited by Eumind chair India Jessie Vas to promote the project in Mumbai, India. A group of eight female principals from schools all over Mumbai were eager to learn all about the project. How to recognise and certify the Indian students’ intercultural development? How to strengthen their position for university admission? How can Indian schools become part of this European project? These schools can’t wait for the project to go Global!