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GO2B. Third partner meeting. Leeds 21-22 November 2016


Go2B . Presented in Portugal and Spain to participants of the course ‘Make your school more international’. October & November 2016

Go2B Goes to Portugal & Spain

As part of Euneos’s KA1 course ‘How to make your school international’ Ludo Mateusen presented details of the Go2B project to participants  in Oliveira de Azemeis, Portugal (25th October 2016) and Benalmedena, Spain (8th  November 2016).



Go2B at the national conference ‘Onderwjsdagen’ 9 November 2016

Hans Vasse has presented the Go2B project at the national Conference ‘Onderwijsdagen’ 9 November 2016 Rotterdam. 


Go2B project at the annual conference of the network of bilingual schools (TTO) Utrecht. 21 September 2016

The  coordinators of the Go2B project, Nicole Verhoeve and Hans Vasse (Jan van Brabant College)  presented the Go2B project at the annual conference of the network of bilingual  schools (TTO) Utrecht. 21 September 2016

Nicole Verhoeve

Nicole Verhoeve

Hans Vasse

Hans Vasse

Getting into Go2B (a Training Course) – Utrecht 26-30 September 2016

Who came to the Go2B Training Course?

Teachers, educators and school managers flocked to Utrecht for the Go2B (Open Badges for Intercultural Competence) training event in Utrecht.

We welcomed participants from across Europe, from Finland, the UK and a little closer to home, from the Netherlands and Belgium.

Hosted in a re-furbished, re-purposed Church in the centre of Utrecht, what an inspirational setting for learning it was.

Huge thanks to the efforts of Go2B partner Globi in supporting the training event to be a huge success.

What was the objective of our training course?

It was an knowledge packed five day training course with a view to equipping teachers, educators and school managers with all of the elements they’d need to effectively support student exchanges and Open Badging of those student exchanges for their organisation.

See the full agenda here: go2b-training-programme

All Go2B partners delivered one or more sessions on an element of the Go2B programme.

Learning about Badges through doing Badges

Learning by doing, all of the attendees were badged for their learning over the five days, including a special Utrecht explorer badge designed to show attendees how portable evidencing learning and doing can be. We issued over 50 Go2B Educator badges through the duration of the training course.

Check out Teacher evidence of exploration of Utrecht through their Dom Tower Power badge.

Don’t forget to check out the Go2B badges we created at Open Badge Academy.

But I didn’t get to do the training 🙁

Never fear! We’ve got everything covered. You can visit our training course here to learn how to create your own versions for use in your own exchanges.

Interested in using Go2B badges but need a little extra help? Want to talk to us about Open Badges for your Erasmus+ project? Why not Get in Touch?


Pictures from the Event

isette Bouten (Globi) and Kevin Field (Digital me)

Lisette Bouten (Globi) and Kevin Field (Digital me)

Matt Rogers (Digital me) introducing badges

Matt Rogers (Digital me) introducing badges