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Brainport schools (Netherlands) adopt Open Badges

Jan van Brabant is one of the nine Brainport schools for secondary education

Brainport schools are going to adopt Open Badges for some extra-curricular activities,including international exchanges. Read more about Brainport and badges


Brainport is situated in the southern part of the Netherlands. Brainport is a close-knit partnership of industry, research, education  and government that sets the parameters to enable the Brainport region to maintain and strengthen its position as a top technology region.

Within the next five years, the acquisition of an international skillset must be an integral part of primary, secondary and vocational education in the Brainport region. Today’s world is rapidly changing. With the increase of diversity and internationalisation of modern society, companies and organisations are broadening their expanse and looking abroad. This can also be seen within the Brainport region, where there is an ever increasing number of knowledge workers settling here.

Read more about the vision of the brainport region on internationalization of education Internationalisation Brainport Region

Mr. De Vos, Human resource manager of ASML, one of the biggest companies in the Brainport area

Mr. De Vos, Human resource manager of ASML, one of the biggest companies in the Brainport area


Go2B . Presented in Portugal and Spain to participants of the course ‘Make your school more international’. October & November 2016

Go2B Goes to Portugal & Spain

As part of Euneos’s KA1 course ‘How to make your school international’ Ludo Mateusen presented details of the Go2B project to participants  in Oliveira de Azemeis, Portugal (25th October 2016) and Benalmedena, Spain (8th  November 2016).



Go2B at the national conference ‘Onderwjsdagen’ 9 November 2016

Hans Vasse has presented the Go2B project at the national Conference ‘Onderwijsdagen’ 9 November 2016 Rotterdam. 


Go2B project at the annual conference of the network of bilingual schools (TTO) Utrecht. 21 September 2016

The  coordinators of the Go2B project, Nicole Verhoeve and Hans Vasse (Jan van Brabant College)  presented the Go2B project at the annual conference of the network of bilingual  schools (TTO) Utrecht. 21 September 2016

Nicole Verhoeve

Nicole Verhoeve

Hans Vasse

Hans Vasse

Successful Go2B Training course Utrecht 26-30 September 2016

Participants from Finland, the Netherlands and Belgium took part in the training course.

A five-day training event that has fully equipped the participants to be a go2b provider;

During this training the participants have learnt using digital badges to recognise their  students intercultural learning



isette Bouten (Globi) and Kevin Field (Digital me)

Lisette Bouten (Globi) and Kevin Field (Digital me)

Matt Rogers (Digital me) introducing badges

Matt Rogers (Digital me) introducing badges

Teacher & Manager Training for Go2B is go,go,go!


Running an intercultural exchange or thinking of starting one?

Then you need our go2b recognised provider training.


Optimise your Intercultural Exchange with go2b

We’ve got the training and we really want to use it to help you optimise your exchange to enable your students to get the most out of their experience. We can support you to effectively use intercultural badges to recognise your students learning and skills development – helping you to unlock their future opportunities.


Join the go2b training event from the 26th – 30th of September in Utrecht, the Netherlands! After this event your school will be ready and equipped to support your students to use go2b digital badges for intercultural learning!

More information

Intercultural skills – we are all convinced that these are essential for students. What are these skills exactly, how are they developed , how can we assess and recognise intercultural learning outcomes gained during exchanges and give students a platform to showcase it to the world?


The go2b consortium started collaboration in September 2015 to provide schools with a system to work with ‘ Badges for intercultural learning’. Students can show what they learn during exchanges, how they did, what materials they have used to do so and what skills they have developed. Their learning experience is made concrete! Not only practical and fun for students themselves, but also valuable for their admission for future studies or at job interviews.


During this five-day training week we provide school management and educators with practical tools to start badging their students’ intercultural learning. How to best prepare students for an exchange? What activities are needed to ensure intercultural learning? What are digital badges? How to measure intercultural skills? And how to implement this system at your school? All of these subjects are addressed extensively during the training and help you to become a recognised go2b provider!


When 26 – 30 September

Where Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Event fee €175 (covers full programme, materials, lunches and coffee breaks)


For more information and admission check: Invitation Training Event Go2b (limited seats available). Questions or interested to join the event? Send an email to info@globi.nl for your general request or a registration form.


We hope to see you in Utrecht!


Go Go2B – Make your school more international

Go2B Goes to Portugal & Spain

As part of Euneos’s KA1 course ‘How to make your school international’ Ludo Mateusen presented details of the Go2B project to audiences in Oliveira de Azemeis, Portugal (15th October 2015) and Benalmedena, Spain (5th November 2015).

The audience was comprised of 40 teachers from 13 countries and 19 teachers from 7 countries respectively. Some great dissemination work from Ludo! Go team Go2B!

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