Open Badges for Intercultural Competence (OBIC)

Jan van Brabant College is a secondary school that also offers bilingual education to its students. The school participates in several networks, such as the tto- network (bilingual education), Brainport network, Eumind (Europe meets India) network. Internationalisation is embedded in the curriculum of the school.


We support people with training, consultancy & technology to badge learning programme with our super whizzy badge platforms РOpen Badge Academy & Makewaves. We badge programmes in schools, programmes in non formal settings, CPD Рpretty much anything that involves evidencing learning.

Open University NL develops and provides open and distance higher education, and also conducts research into teaching and learning, specifically but not exclusively in distance and lifelong learning settings. Within OUNL, the Welten Institute integrates expertise in the learning sciences and technology-enhanced learning. Its mission is to improve learning and competence building at school, at work, at home and on the move by combining state-of-the-art knowledge in the learning sciences with the innovative power of new information and communication technologies.

Sint-Lambertus is a secondary school in Belgium with more than 2000 students. Since 1999 we are partners in several international projects, mostly funded by the EU. We are a member of Eumind and of the Eurolink partnership.

We built up expertise in international exchanges.


Euneos is a company based in Finland. Our main activities are Erasmus plus KA1 courses (http://www.euneoscourses.eu) . Euneos organises courses in Finland, Portugal, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Estonia.


We are all about intercultural education within international context. We want students of today to be prepared for the global world of their future, by becoming interculturally competent world citizens.

We support educators to build and strengthen educational exchanges and partnerships on the other side of the world. And bring internationalisation into school through intercultural training and our own work methods.