Open Badges for Intercultural Competence (OBIC)

Go2B (Open badges for informal and intercultural learning during exchanges for students of secondary schools) is a 2 years Erasmus plus project (September 2015- August 2017)

Rationale of the project.Students of secondary schools taking part in exchange programmes learn how to operate in intercultural settings by doing (informal learning) and they are developing skills that have value in global employment market. GO2B projects explores how the competences gained can be showcased and recognised.

What are the outputs of the Go2B project?

  1. Grid intercultural competences. The projects follows the Deardorff model describing the four domains of intercultural competences (self awareness, knowledge, skills, and attitude)
  2. Lessons and tasks how to prepare students interculturally related (a) Lessons/resources to be used by teachers (b) Tasks for students
  3. How good is your exchange? Health check exchanges
  4. Toolkit Open Badges
  5. Model of a School policy plan on how to integrate Open badges in the assessment of informal learning.

What are Open Badges?

Watch our short video here.