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Getting to Know You – EFIL & Go2B


EFIL ‘Gatecrashes’ Go2B Kickoff Meeting


No they didn’t really gatecrash.

Elisa Briga was in fact our very special guest. Elisa joined us from the European Federation of Intercultural Learning (EFIL) to attend our Go2B ‘Kick-off’ conference in Westerlo, Belgium on the 29th August 2015.


Elisa presented on the aims of EFIL and an overview of possible cooperation¬†with Go2B (on general activities and on the Open Badge project in the Youth sector where EFIL is involved). We’re really keen to work with other European badging projects like Elisa’s to create opportunity and learning pathways for young people right across Europe. Connected thinking and doing!


Since the meeting we’ve already been chatting about a variety of badge related developments, when we’ve any more collaboration news to announce, you’ll see it here first!