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Cross Erasmus ‘Shout Out’ – The Go2B Project and the EUmind Network

It’s the 11th August 2015 and the Go2B project is really starting to take shape.

– The resources for our preparatory lessons are in development.

– The intercultural competence model is being reviewed by project partners.

– We’ve some early intercultural competence badge designs on their way – eagerly anticipated!

Our very own Go2B project partners, Ludo and Annemie Mateusen from Euneos are pictured here meeting with board members of Eumind in India to help them discover the possibilities of Go2B.

Lot’s of interest from all parties. Honestly, they are talking about work, not just eating food! Everyone’s looking forward to seeing the finished Go2B product!

Alongside the Open Badge Network and the European Badge Network (for EVS) that’s now four (including Go2B) Erasmus + funded badging projects actively talking to one another. European (and maybe even Indian) badge ecosystem ahoy!