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Go2B Partner Meeting – The Big Helsinki Thinkfest

GO2B_secondmeeting_22MarchThe Big Helsinki Thinkfest

The 20th to the 22nd March saw all of the Go2B Partners getting together to push on forward with the development of the programme. We were ably hosted by Ilpo Halonen for the meeting and enjoyed the great facilities of Tikkurila Upper Secondary in Tikkurila (about 20 minutes out of Helsinki city centre).

So, what did we discuss?

The Model of Intercultural Competence

Globi took the opportunity to talk through with the Partners the development and underpinning theory behind the model of intercultural competence that they have developed through testing. This model was re-visited throughout the meeting as it underpins the entire Go2B programme and badges.

Go2B Student AcademyThe Go2B Student Badge Academy

The DigitalMe partners demonstrated the development of the Go2B student badge academy so far and detailed how it aligns to the intercultural competency model developed by Globi through their research with teachers and students. It’s still a work in progress but you can find the student badge academy here.

All partner also tested taking a badge for themselves!

go2b_healthchecker_250The Toolkit & Healthcheck Tool

A significant portion of the meeting was given over to running through the Teacher toolkit creating the statements that demonstrate what a good exchange is in terms of student outcomes. In addition to this what resources are required to support that delivery and where/how those resources should be held. This was led by Hans and Nicole of JvB. You can trace this work through to Go2Find (our resource holder) and the initial version of the Go2B Planner badge for teachers.

Discussions were also held on how to enable Teachers to ‘health check’ their exchange (based on the student outcomes) and how to enable them to be pointed to the training and resources required to address any gaps (to Go2B optimise their exchange). DigitalMe were tasked with creating an online tool that will enable this to happen.

TrainingeventThe Utrecht Event in September – Recognised Provider Status

The initial plan and content for the 5 day training in Utrecht for Teachers in September was discussed at length. The Utrecht training event will see the pilot of a badged Go2B Recognised Provider status.

Lots of other things were discussed and there are more progress updates to follow!

Thanks for reading.

The Go2B Team