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Inspiration for internationalisation…

IMG_1481 - ELOS tweedaagse maart 2016

…by Globi and a bit by go2b at the ELOS conference


A conference that was all about inspiration and exchanging experiences on internationalisation for the ELOS schools (ELOS is the internationalisation programme for secondary education in the Netherlands). Globi brought hands-on tools for educators to turn student exchanges into meaningful learning opportunities. A perfect opportunity to promote the go2b project and get these future go2b providers interested!


Go2B for collaboration on internatinalisation

IMG_0309 - EP-Nuffic jaarcongres maart 2016

Go2b at the EP-Nuffic year congres


During the session led by Elvira Arkesteijn (EP-Nuffic) the floor  was given to the director of the Jan van Brabant college (Geert-Jan Nillesen) and founder of Globi (Rosanne Severs)  to spread enthusiasm for the go2b project in the Netherlands. Dutch schools can’t wait to get on board!


Jan Van B Mobility Makers – Erasmus +

Presentation by Jan Van Brabant College – Erasmus + Conference 1st December 2015


The Jan Van Brabant team are on the road again. This time brining Go2B to an Erasmus + conference. What are our intrepid explorers up to? They’re helping to promote Go2B to other interested parties. People that might want to use Go2B to enable mobilities in their own programmes!  

Go, go Hans & Nicole.

Go2B Mobilised!

Jan Van B & The Brainport Network – Involving Employers

‘Belt & Braces’ – Prepping Students for Intercultural Success

Here’s one of our Go2B working groups working hard. In the room we have Globi, Lambertus Scholen and Jan Van Brabant. On the 8th of December 2015, the working group got together to start looking at how students could be best prepared to get the most out of their intercultural exchange.

The team have been reviewing a wide range of existing intercultural resources as well as bringing in their own material to create a ‘quality’ set of preparatory resources for Teachers and Students before they go on their exchange. If you’re going to do an exchange you may as well help the Students to get the very best out of that opportunity! So that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Those resources are then going to be built into the digital badge tasks AND be available in the Times Educational Supplement resource bank so lots and lots of Teachers and Students get the benefit of all of this good Erasmus + funded work!

More updates to follow.


Go2B great!