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A Motley Crew – The Go2B ‘Kick Off’ Meeting

Plotting in Westerlo

The Go2B ‘Kick-off’ Meeting took place between the 30th September – 2nd October 2015 in Westerlo, Belgium. Hosting the Go2B project team were our project partners Sint-Lambertus school.

It was a great opportunity for us all to get together in person. Video conferencing is good but nothing beats getting around a table with flip-chart paper and a handful of marker pens.

It was an intensive couple of days where we clarified our intellectual outputs (ate lovely pastries), honed our delivery timetable and started exploring our understanding of intercultural competence (a very big topic calling for even more pastries). It’s going to be a tough ask to try and define, then badge something which isn’t a clear-cut ‘obvious’ set of skills. But we’ve definitely got the right people with the right experience in the room and we’re off an doing it. Wish us luck!

As if that wasn’t enough we also started discovering more about digital badges with DigitalMe taking the partners into a whole new world of online discovery. Lots of questions asked and lots of learning done.

On we go Go2B partners!

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